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LEAD to WIN is a roadmap to success.

It is a handbook that would empower you to:

  • Unlock your latent potentials and identify the leader within
  • Recognise, develop and strengthen leadership traits
  • Understand, respect and support others to bring about mutual growth
  • Create strong sense of purpose, clarity of thoughts and fruitful actions
  • Take challenges, increase tolerance to setbacks and celebrate success
  • Ultimately lead to win, energising yourself and those around you

This book documents the experiences, thoughts and perspectives of the author on leadership and success. More importantly it acts as a catalyst, a trigger to set thoughts rolling into motion thereby enabling you to be a winner through leadership.

LEAD to WIN is fountainhead of knowledge and experiences, not just for budding leaders in the professional world but also as an essential keepsake for every individual who wants to understand as well as pass on values of leading a successful holistic life.

Key differentiating factors :

The content is simple, lucid and concise yet probes you to reflect. Most importantly, it stays away from being too preachy and provides connect for the reader to analyse and introspect.

The flow of chapters has a definitive 'route-map' feel that personifies the goal oriented thought behind the book.

Appropriate use of examples simplifies conceptual and relative understanding. Multiple quotes like "Thin line between dream and vision is execution", “Success is the gap between information and interpretation” etc. at right places are interesting and establish an instant connect.

It is a rare book which not only simplifies concepts of success, achievement and satisfaction through leadership; but it for sure leaves you infused with a strong desire to act and execute your dreams into vision.